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Walt Disney World's Epcot!Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) is home to the future of technology and science. Filled with entertaining inventions, discoveries and interesting facts and fiction this park is the sci-fi revolution. Epcot is the third most visited park in the United States. From agriculture to space-expedition, virtual reality and Disney Classics, there is an abundance of knowledge and entertainment to go round. Travel the world as you make your way around the lake in the center of the park. Visit large buildings and court-yards made to replicate the major countries around the world. Enjoy meals from each and visit during special hours to view shows and demonstrations that depict the daily life and customs of these beautiful and exotic countries.

Epcot's World ShowcaseEpcot is known for its many educational activities and pavilions. Each area is full of future technology and amazing new discoveries. Often times while strolling through the streets of Epcot you will be passed by large groups of school kids on field trips. When the theme park opened in 1982 the original theme had been a progressive and maintained community as dreamt of by Walt Disney. However after his death prior to the parks construction Disney land re-envisioned the park as the future of science, technology and agriculture. This freed Disney to take current discoveries and explore them for future use in the world. Inspiring and enlightening young minds for the past thirty years the theme park is quickly expanding it's boarders and introducing new discoveries to the red carpet.

Epcot Rides

Epcot's Mission: SPACEMission SPACE: One of the most popular rides at Epcot, Mission SPACE offers the unique experience of an actual mission to outer space. Using high end technology this ride asks you and friends to mount a mission to Mars, and you control the ship! Under intense g-forces that barely allow you to move your hands can you make the necessary actions to keep your crew safe?

Test Track: Here you will be given a quick and brief overview of what it takes to test cars before they are approved for use on the road. These strenuous tests are done by dummies or dolls in lab, however today you are the test subject. Speed through sharp turns at high speeds and narrowly dodge concrete walls in this rigorous test!

The Land: Come take a boat ride through this massive pavilion and witness Epcot's most amazing research facility. Expending their efforts on world hunger and food shortages Epcot is studying possible ways to harvest large amounts of food in the most rural of places. Here you will learn of their efforts to harvest food in the dessert, in space, and even in sand! Here you can witness unusually sized vegetables, that could feed entire families, and gardens so easily built your kids could do it!

Epcot Dining Options

Epcot's World ShowcaseWorld Showcase restaurants: Around the large lake located at the center of Epcot are the World Showcase Restaurants, each themed after a specific country. Each area has it's own set of foods from the country and unique scenery and shows. Some of these pavilions even have rides that portray the countries culture. Epcot's World Showcase is the primary dining area for the theme parks, choose a country you have always wanted to visit and enjoy some food, shows and culture!

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